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TeamKinetic is the engine powering TryVolunteering.

If you have opportunities and need great volunteers then sign up for free today or purchase our Pro package for even more great features.


Sign up for our FREE option and start adding opportunities and attracting volunteers right now. The free version is fully featured but is limited to only ONE active opportunities and did we mention that it is completely FREE, forever!


Our unlimited Community version costs just £20 per month. Unlimited opportunities, unlimited volunteers, extensive management and reporting tools and access to our support services, including the online support ticket tools.

All our packages come with an extensive set of management and reporting tools.

What is TeamKinetic?

TeamKinetic is for any organisation that needs to effectively grow, nurture and develop their volunteers.

TeamKinetic provides community management apps that integrate the entire lifecycle of development, from registration to recognition, reward and re-engagement.

TeamKinetic has a raft of unique tools to make it quicker, easier and cheaper, to develop your community programmes.







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Enterprise Pricing

We also offer two enterprise level solutions that offer great control over your branding, many customisable elements such as reporting, registration fields, automated emails, your own unique URL, domain and email addresses. Most importantly you receive training, full user guides and tutorials plus telephone support and 24 hour online support.



from £1400.00 per year


from £2000.00 per year

You can also head over to our demo installation at demo.volunteerkinetic.com to try out the enterprise version

Feature Comparision



Unlimited volunteer registrations
Ability to share / post placements to other volunteer portals
Identify and track volunteers who sign up for your opportunities
Direct email access to single or groups of volunteers
Social media integration
Number of active opportunities 2
Number of manager accounts 1 5
Reporting engine and kpi statistics
Volunteer feedback which is searchable and moderated
Analysis kpi data through exports and graphs
Create organisation home pages
Support tickets for 24/7 support
Unlimited telephone support
Restrict access to opportunities based on volunteer groups and abilities
Text messaging tools
HTML wysiwyg email editor
HourTrade reward system
Widgets that can be used in existing web sites
Full data ownership
Create custom reports
Unique url
Use of DBS tool set
Customisation of automatic system emails
Brand application to your standards
Content management centre to create blog posts, post images and update news
Ability to add custom registration fields
Exclude opportunities from wider tryvolunteering cohort
Integration of specific data sets such as ward data, srf, sport england participation data